See what our guests have said about Villa Lilly...

"To the Costa Family: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is truly PARADISE! It was a pleasure and gift getting to spend time with our family here. We so look forward to coming back again very soon. Everyone was wonderful, especially Carlo. All our love & best wishes..."
- Guest

"A truly great experience! You have a fantastic, warm, sweet family. Your generosity is unmatched and truly appreciated! Grazie! Grazie! Grazie!"
- Guest

"Praiano is the most relaxing town in all of Italy, and Villa Lilly is the most beautiful villa in the world! Words cannot describe the wonderful place you have found on the Amalfi Coast..."
- Peter Salovey & Marta Moret

"If there is such a thing as heaven on earth surely you have found it here at 'Villa Lilly'. Giancarlo could easily be the very best chef in all of Italy. He and his wonderful staff pampered us so completely our lives are changed forever..."
- Dan & Donna Kohen

"We had a lovely time at Villa Lilly. Everything was exquisite, from the accommodations, to Carlo, to the view and most importantly to the warm feeling we got while there. I wish we could go back right now!!"
- Amita Ramesh

"No one will believe me when I tell them about your place... the unbelievable beauty of your home away from home."
- Laurie Peck

"... I did not anticipate the romance, comfort, and service that we experienced. We enjoyed every morsel of it, especially the staff..."
- Guest

"We have enjoyed the beauty of the villa and the courteous and most helpful staff, which made all of Italy come alive. The memory of celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary will be treasured for years to come."
- Bill & Sally Scala

"All of our senses have been touched in some way. The vistas of Positano, Capri, Li Galli, and the sea were picturesque. The sounds of the church bells, the birds, and the sea were all harmonious... all of these senses together have made the ultimate Italian experience."
- The Loyacona family

"The house is stunning and the gardens lush. The views are, by far, the finest on the Amalfi Coast."
- Guest

"I will dream about my time here for many years to come."
- Jonathan Koenig

"There is nowhere else in the world I could imagine being more incredible..."
- Guest

"None of us can look at Italian food the same way after being treated to some of Giancarlo's masterpieces."
- Nick Simmons

"I never thought a place this beautiful existed on Earth..."
- Brian Douglass

"We cannot praise your staff too highly. Lovely Francesca catered to our every need while Giancarlo prepared the most delicious delicacies known to man."
- Guest

"I have never been, and never will be, to a place where I feel so sublimely happy while doing nothing."
- Max Rodman

"The views from your terraces are the best the Amalfi Coast has to offer. This was a once in a lifetime trip."
- Ryan & Carolyn Polley

"Really a paradise on Earth... this is a place out of this world."
- Franos J. Verstraeten

"The Amalfi Coast is unlike any other place in this world- romantic and enchanting, alluring and seductive..."
- Bonnie & Grant Leadbetter

"This is a place for reflection and revitalization- the magnificent view, the sea breeze, and the staff help accomplish all of that."
- Patricia Terwilliger

"This is one of the most fabulous places we have ever been in the world!"
- The Clarke Family

"Your home is a paradise, thank you for making it so luxurious!"
- Deb & Jeff Donult

"Grazie, grazie, a million times - grazie! What a wonderful week... I especially loved the staff and Carlo is a prince."
- Joanna O'Donnell

"Thank you for opening your home to us - its magical position and beautiful surroundings made for an unbelievable holiday!"
- Leora Romberg & Mark Lazarus

"This was an experience of a lifetime, a memory never to be forgotten. Thanks to Carlo and the rest of the team for making it extra special."
- Steven & Tael Romberg

"We all agree that trips like this are only possible in most people's dreams. This is truly the most special place on Earth."
- Guest

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